Serving Others

Serving our Community and Beyond through Outreach

At LCGS, it is our calling and our duty to provide opportunities to serve others.

There are many opportunities to serve others, provide food for the food pantry, gently used coats for those that don’t have coats, Appalachia Servant Event, etc. We have special events to raise money for hurricane victims and children.

Please join us for any of these community events, they are open to the public.

“And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward” Matthew 10:42

Here are some of the ways we make an impact to help those in need:

  • Appalachian Servant Event - Our longest running high school servant event in the LCMS. The event requires high maturity and high responsibility.  Light construction, painting, cleaning, and extreme digging of septic sites are the typical work experiences each year. Approximately 35 youth plus adults spend nearly two weeks in the mountains of Appalachia.
  • Disaster Recovery - The LCGS Team will be deployed on June 16 to June 22 to assist with recovery efforts in New Bern, North Carolina. Contributions can be sent to LCGS, ATTN: Disaster Recovery, 4200 Olney Laytonsville Road, Olney, MD 20832.
  • Drive Through Food Distribution - January 2021, 100 bags of food distributed in the local community.
  • Food Pantry - We supply non-perishable food to the needy; about 40 bags per month. Food is provided to everyone who makes a request. Members and community residents donate non-perishable food for distribution.
  • Shelter support - Since 1986, we have provided meals to the Homeless Shelter on the fifth Saturday. The Men’s Emergency Shelter provides transitional housing coordinated with substance abuse treatment and counseling, case management, and a required day treatment program.
  • Helping Hands - Helping hands reaches out to help those in need during the holiday season. During December 2018, we served 9 families in the Greater Olney area with complete meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gift cards for both holidays were taken to the families and presents were donated from members and the Lions Club. To be a part of this effort, contact our Social Ministry Mission.
  • Interfaith Clothing Center - The Interfaith Clothing Center in Rockville provides low-income families with clothing and home goods free of charge. Clothing collected at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd  is donated each month.
  • Journey Through Bethlehem - The church is transformed into a walk through Bethlehem as it was during the birth of Jesus. For more information, visit: Journey-Through-Bethlehem
  • LCGS CARES - Food Drive - Serving the community through a food drive through when available.
  • Matthew 25 Outreach - Offers a way to serve our community by providing coats, gloves, hats and other essentials in the winter months to a partner rehabilitation center in Olney. In December, dozens of gently used coats were distributed in Wheaton and Langley Park, MD.
  • School Supplies - Backpacks, notebooks and other needed school supplies are provided to our local elementary schools.
  • Special Events - Journey Through Bethlehem, Vacation Bible School, Trunk or Treat, Concert Series are all part of the special events hosted and free to the public.
  • VBS - One week in August, we educate and entertain up to 70 elementary students with fun activities, games, lessons, videos and provide snacks and take home gifts and projects. 
  • Yard Sale - Each spring, we host a large yard sale that is open to the public, Tables are $15.00. 

For more information or to register to volunteer, please complete the form below or contact the office administrator at

Serving our Community and Beyond through Outreach

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